Mandy Fischer

Senior Co-Pastor

Hi! I’m Mandy and I’m a country girl from Bourke NSW, where my father was the local ambulance officer.  In my early teens, my mother had a radical conversion experience and pretty much everything in our lives changed.  Before I ever met Jesus, I met a tight-knit group of Christians who instantly became our family; this is why I love and believe in the church so much! Then a smooth, suit-wearing city boy named Ken Fischer, arrived in town and our youth group suddenly got a whole lot better.  After marrying in 1986, we made Sydney our home and Petersham AOG our spiritual home for 28 years.  Along the way, our two sons, Aaron & Jesse, were added to the family and are now gorgeous and gifted men.

Along with Ken, I am a Senior Pastor at Embassy, an ordained minister with the ACC and have a Graduate Diploma in Counselling.  At Embassy, I have recently taken over the leadership of our Kids’ Ministry, for the first time.  It exciting to be leading a great team focussing on the unique strengths and needs of our littlest people.  I’m also currently overseeing Connect Groups and a part of the Senior Leadership Team. I believe our most important task, as Senior Pastors, is to simply hold the ship steady, while the Holy Spirit continues the process of sanctification and healing in our lives.  It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy and we are incredibly grateful for our amazing team and our professional supervisor/s, who help keep us in it for the long haul.


In addition to my roles at Embassy, I work in the community as a funeral celebrant and I’m constantly amazed at how God works, in mysterious and unlikely ways.

When Ken asked what I thought about putting up our hand to pastor Embassy, the image that came to mind was ‘colour’, or ‘vibrancy’.  Embassy people are incredibly creative, experienced and bring their individual and unique way of understanding real life and ministry and I love that!  They are also heart people and although we may look quite different from each other, we have much in common, including a deep and genuine love for God and others.